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Cricketing Edge develops new and innovative products for cricketers.

These will help you to play better and gain more enjoyment from the game.

Our range includes the TurfTop, a unique training mat that simulates a traditional turf wicket, and the GripSlip, which is the fastest and simplest way to apply a rubber grip to a bat handle.

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The TurfTop mat
The TurfTop mat

The TurfTop cricket training mat

Cricket is played on turf pitches which have natural cracks and divots that cause the ball to deviate. However most practice is performed on artificial grass wickets that are flat and featureless, and offer very little sideways movement. The result is poor technique - and less runs.

The TurfTop cricket training mat solves this problem.

The TurfTop mat has ridges and indentations built into its base, which cause the ball to deviate when it hits them. Just like a real turf pitch. The result is better practice and more runs.


The GripSlip bat grip applicator

Everyone who has played cricket knows the frustration of changing a bat grip.

Bat cones are difficult to use and require considerable strength, while another method using a plastic bag is inefficient and wastetful.

The GripSlip solves this problem.

Using the GripSlip, anyone is able to simply and efficiently replace a batting grip. You don't need great strength or special training. You'll be ready to bat in less than 30 seconds!

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