Trouble shooting and warranty conditions

Potential problems and how to fix them

Transporting the TurfTop mat back to the manufacturer for repair or replacement is not easy and can be expensive. However minor problems can be very easily fixed at home, which can save everyone considerable time and expense.

Each TurfTop mat is hand-constructed. As such there will be variations between each mat such as distribution of the glue underneath. These differences will rarely adversely affect the performance of the TurfTop. In fact the extra variability can be seen as a bonus!

Most minor problems can usually be fixed with a simple
application of adhesive glue: we recommend a flexible contact adhesive such as Selleys Kwik Grip, which is widely available.  More specific problems and their solutions follow.

1. The True-Bounce strip has come loose.

The black True-Bounce strip at the front edge of the TurfTop
mat is held down by both double sided tape as well as adhesive glue. If the strips separate, try firmly pressing them back together (perhaps by laying the mat flat on a firm surface and carefully walking along the True-Bounce strip) which should re-engage the double sided tape.

However if the tape has lost is stickiness – for example, due to extreme heat or dust accumulation – then you may need to use a simple adhesive to hold the strips together.  We recommend Selleys Kwik Grip.

2. The rubber backing is loosening at the edges

Loosening of the rubber backing fabric is common and will not affect the performance of your TurfTup mat. However if it continues to worsen, or of the thick rubber strips start to peel away, then simply use a spray contact glue or other similar thin adhesive to stick it back into place.

If the problem persists, using a standard stapler along the edge of the mat can fixate any loose edges very easily.

3. The True-Bounce strip is bent.

The best cure for this problem is prevention. Most importantly

a. Always store your TurfTop on an even surface. If it is stored bent, obstructed, dinted or under pressure then the True-Bounce strip will slowly deform.

b. Don’t store your TurfTop mat near a heat source. In particular, don’t leave it in the boot of your car, where excess heat can soften and deform the True-Bounce strip.

c. When flipping your TurfTop mat over, be careful to keep the Tru-Bounce strip as straight as possible. The strip has some flexibility, but if you bend it too hard then it will deform, or may even snap.

If the black True-Bounce strip has been affected, you can try to repair it by gently heating the strip – for example, with a hot hair dryer – and then weighing it down in a flat position with a uniform heavy object. Leave it in place for 2 hours, by which time hopefully the True-Bounce strip will be flat and straight again.

4. The surface has developed lots of little ripples

This may be because the TurfTop has been stored incorrectly. Make sure that you always roll the TurfTop tightly around the cardboard tube (supplied) with the GRASS SIDE OUT. Rolling with the rubber side out not only makes it more difficult to pack away, but can overstretch the rubber backing, making it peel and/or ripple.

5. The surface has developed ridges/waves about 30-50 cm apart

This problem is due to incorrect storage of the TurfTop, usually because it has not been rolled tightly around the supplied cardboard tube. If the mat is stored without being rolled then it can then squash flat, either under the gradual influence of gravity, or because another heavy object (usually a cricket kit!) has been placed on top of it.

Imagine that you have a smooth strip of paper that you have rolled into a tube, and then squashed under a weight. If you unrolled the paper tube you would see a series of ridges in the paper. This effect is similar to what happens if you store your TurfTop improperly.

To prevent these problems, always store your TurfTop wrapped tightly around the cardboard tube and replaced in its storage bag. See our video vault for more instructions.

To fix this problem you can try laying the whole mat on a flat surface for a few days (with a weighted flat board on top of it if possible). Outside in the sun is even better (the weather will not hurt the mat, but the extra heat will help to soften the rubber more quickly). The ripples may then disappear by themselves.

You may still find that you can use your TurfTop even if it develops some minor ripples and ridges.

TurfTop Warranty

The TurfTop cricket training mat comes with a guarantee designed to protect you as our valued customer. Cricketing Edge Pty Ltd will repair or replace the TurfTop, at their discretion should it fail due to faulty materials or manufacture for a period of one year from the date of sale.

The Guarantee is subject to the following conditions:

  1. The Guarantee only applies to the original purchaser who purchased the TurfTop from an approved retailer in Australia, or online directly from Cricketing Edge.
  2. Damage due to normal wear and tear, accidents, negligence
    or failure by the purchaser to ensure that instructions for use and care are observed, and any other cause reasonably beyond the control of Cricketing Edge Pty Ltd are not covered.
  3. If redress is sought under the terms of this Guarantee, then the TurfTop mat must be returned by the purchaser to the outlet
    from where it was purchased, within the Guarantee period, in a clean and acceptable manner and with proof of purchase.
  4. All transport costs and any other indirect costs are excluded from the Guarantee
  5. Cricketing Edge Pty Ltd reserves the right to make a reasonable charge for repairs which it determines are not within the
    scope of the Guarantee.
  6. The Guarantee does not limit, modify or exclude any rights under any law if doing so would contravene that law or make any part of this Guarantee invalid. However, Cricketing Edge
    1. Excludes (to the extent permitted by applicable
      law) all conditions and warranties that might otherwise be implied; and
    1. Limits its liability for breach of any such
      condition or Guarantee that it cannot exclude together with its liability under the Guarantee, to repairing or replacing the Goods, or paying the cost of having the Goods repaired or replaced (at Cricketing Edge’s option).